AP Physics 1 Question 253: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 253

8. A block with a mass of 10 kg connected to a spring oscillates back and forth with an amplitude of 2 m. What is the approximate period of the block if it has a speed of 4 m/s when it passes through its equilibrium point?

  • A. 1 s
  • B. 3 s
  • C. 6 s
  • D. 12 s

Correct Answer: B



By Conservation of Mechanical Energy, the energy of the block is the same throughout the motion. At the amplitude, the block has potential energy and zero kinetic energy. At the equilibrium position, the block has kinetic energy and zero potential energy. Applying the Conservation of Mechanical Energy to these two points in the motion yields

The period of the block can then be calculated using the following equation: