AP Physics 1 Question 329: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 329

7. Question below refers to the following figure:

Rank the change in momentum for each segment from least (most negative) to greatest (most positive). Assume that the mass of the object remains constant.

  • A. BC, EF, DE, AB, CD
  • B. AB, CD, DE, EF, BC
  • C. BC, EF, DE, CD, AB
  • D. CD, DE, EF, BC, AB

Correct Answer: D



Mass is not changing, so you need to consider only the changes in velocity. For each segment in order, the change in velocity is +7 m/s, 0 m/s, -4 m/s, -3 m/s, and -2 m/s. The question does not specify magnitude only, so all negatives will come before the others.