AP Physics 1 Question 332: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 332

10. A ball is thrown with an initial velocity v at an angle θ above the ground. If the acceleration due to gravity is -g, which of the following is the correct expression of the time it takes for the ball to reach its highest point, y, from the ground?

  • A. v2 sin θ/g
  • B. -v cos θ/g
  • C. v sin θ/g
  • D. v2 cos θ/g

Correct Answer: C



At the highest point from the ground, the ball has a vertical velocity of zero. Therefore, applying the formula vy = v0y + ayt and rearranging it for t, it becomes t = -v0y/-g. Substituting v0y = v sin θ into the equation, t = v sin θ/g.