AP Physics 1 Question 59: Answer and Explanation

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Question: 59

9. Two objects have a mass 1 kg and carry a charge of magnitude 1 C each. Which statement correctly identifies the relationship between the magnitude of the force of gravity, Fg, and the magnitude of the electric force, FE, between the objects?

  • A. Fg > FE
  • B. Fg < FE
  • C. Fg = FE
  • D. Cannot be determined without knowing the sign of the charges.

Correct Answer: B


B In this situation, all variables will have the same numerical values for both forces. Therefore, it comes down to the constants. Because Coulomb's constant (9.0 × 109) is much, much greater than the gravitational constant (6.7 × 10-11), electric force will be greater. Because the question specifies magnitude, the signs of the charges are irrelevant.