AP Physics 1 Practice Test 3

1. Two spheres of net charge +5e and -6e briefly come into contact. Afterward, which of the following is a possible combination of net charges for the two spheres?

2. In which of the following situations involving a source of sound and a detector of the sound is it possible that there is NO perceived Doppler shift?

3. If L, M, and T denote the dimensions of length, mass, and time, respectively, what are the dimensions of power?

4. An object (mass = m) above the surface of the Moon (mass = m) is dropped from an altitude h equal to the Moon’s radius (R). What is the object’s impact speed?

5. When turning a corner on a bicycle, the rider leans into the turn. The frame of the bike is nearly parallel to which vector?


In the diagram above, a positive charge and negative charge are placed at y = -2 and y = 3, respectively. If the negative charge has a greater magnitude, then the only place of 0 net electric field would be

7. A projectile is launched with an initial velocity of magnitude a at an angle β to the horizontal. Find its maximum vertical displacement, ignoring effects due to the air.


A simple pendulum executes simple harmonic motion as it swings through small angles of oscillation. If θmax denotes the amplitude of the oscillations, which of the following statements is true?

9. A wire is split into 4 segments, and they have resistances of R, 2R, ½R, and 4R in that order. Which of the following sets of changes from one segment to the next could correctly account for the changes in resistance?

R→2R    2R→4R    4R→R

10. Two traveling waves of equal frequency, one of amplitude 4 cm and the other of amplitude 6 cm, superimpose in a single medium. Which of the following best describes the displacement, D, of the resultant wave?