AP Physics 1 Multiple-select Practice Test 1

1. If the acceleration of an object is not zero, then which of the following could be constant? Select two answers.

2. A lightweight toy car crashes head-on into a heavier toy truck. Which of the following statements is true as a result of the collision? Select two answers.

3. A student has two tuning forks, one with a frequency of f1 = 50 Hz and the other f2 = 55 Hz. When both tuning forks are struck, a beat frequency is generated. Which of the following manipulations could lead to an increase in the beat frequency? Select two answers.

4. A mass on a spring and a simple pendulum undergo simple harmonic motion. There is no friction present for the mass on the string. Which of the following statements are true? Select two answers.

5. The electric field strength in a vacuum at a point at a distance from a source charge is NOT dependent on which of the following? Select two answers.

6. An object traveling at x m/s can stop at a distance d m with a maximum negative acceleration. If the car is traveling at 2x m/s, which of the following statements are true? Select two answers.

7. A 2 kg mass is attached to a massless, 0.5 m string and is used as a simple pendulum by extending it to an angle θ = 5° and allowing it to oscillate. Which of the following changes will change the period of the pendulum? Select two answers.

8. N resistors (N > 2) are connected in parallel with a battery of voltage Vo. If one of the resistors is removed from the circuit, which of the following quantities will decrease? Select two answers.

9. Which of the following statements will increase the resistance of a closed circuit system? Select two answers.