AP Psychology Practice Test 10

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1. A group of participants in a sleep study are to be deprived of sleep for four days. After their second sleepless night, participants may begin reporting which of the following?

2. Conflicting attitudes or behaviors that create tension within a person's mind are referred to in terms of

3. Endorphins are chemicals that

4. Nell decides not to throw her stuffed animal in the toilet after she witnesses her brother Matthew being punished for putting his stuffed animal in the toilet. Nell's decision exemplifies

5. A game show like Jeopardy! asks players to demonstrate which of the following types of intelligence?

6. Which of the following is often true of memory recall?

7. Objects that absorb light appear

8. Chantal says that her mother is domineering and overbearing. All of Chantal's friends agree that she is the one that has these characteristics, not her mother. Freud would suggest that Chantal's behavior exemplifies which of the following defense mechanisms?

9. A psychologist who believes in the humanistic perspective would be most likely to agree with which of the following statements?

10. Which of the following lobes of the brain is central to visual sensation and perception?

11. In order for the mean, mode, and median of a data set to be equal, the distribution must be

12. The adaptive response of a six-month-old child who shows distress when an attachment figure leaves is known as