AP Psychology Practice Test 11

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1. B. F. Skinner was well known for his work involving the

2. A researcher has asked participants to complete a questionnaire that will assess how frequently in their lives they experience various emotions using a scale from 1 (never) to 5 (very often). The researcher is particularly interested in the relationship between feelings of guilt and other emotions. This researcher is most likely conducting which of the following types of research?

3. Which of the following is the term used to describe a number of psychotic disorders that involve disturbances in nearly every dimension of human psychology including thought, perception, behavior, and communication?

4. Which of the following most accurately describes the firing of a neuron?

5. Xavier is beginning his first year of college. He is eager to find a few other freshmen to "hang out" with. Psychologists would say that Xavier is motivated by a(n)

6. The fact that Will was better able to memorize his lines in the school play after finding out the meanings behind the words best illustrates the influence of

7. The role of the outer ear is to

8. At the outset of a study on eating habits, a researcher asks participants a variety of questions, including whether they typically eat breakfast. Whether or not a person eats breakfast is a(n)

9. In most people, the left hemisphere of the brain is dominant for

10. A piano teacher is helping a student learn a new piece. At first, she praises the student for playing correct notes. After the student begins to show proficiency with the notes, the teacher only praises the student when he adds the proper dynamics and interpretation to the segments he plays. The teacher's method of instruction is an example of which of the following types of training techniques?

11. After discovering that she was in the early stages of an eating disorder, Maria's parents insisted Maria see a therapist. Although Maria attended the therapy sessions, she was late, uncooperative, and even hostile. After some time, her counselor began to explore Maria's feelings of hostility and found that they actually were feelings she held for her parents. Maria's uncooperativeness and hostility toward her counselor is an example of

12. Tonya runs into an old schoolmate on the street. During their brief conversation, Tonya is unable to recall the schoolmate's name. Days later, she remembers the name out of the blue. To remember the name "out of the blue" is an example of