AP Psychology Practice Test 13

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1. The staggering and slurred speech of a person who has consumed too much alcohol is most likely the result of altered functioning in the

2. After a big Thanksgiving dinner replete with turkey, stuffing, and all, Karmina becomes violently ill. In the weeks that follow this event, Karmina feels an unexplainable aversion to chicken, one of her favorite dishes. Karmina's feeling about chicken reflects

3. Perception refers to the process by which

4. The driver of a car that has pulled up next to you at a red light turns up the volume on her radio. The increase in perceived sound that you experience is primarily due to

5. Which of the following illustrates why most people can detect the difference between Coke and Pepsi most of the time?

6. Complete the following example using deductive reasoning: All students who attend the Peddie School study Latin. Some students who study Latin also study calculus. Jerome is a student at the Peddie School. It can therefore be determined that

7. Lynda is a confident, capable woman who takes responsibility for her own actions. Lynda has a(n)

8. Which of the following refers to the benefit of having an emotional release to reduce aggressive tendencies?

9. Which of the following terms refers to the body's tendency to maintain a relatively constant state that permits cells to live and function?

10. Periods of special sensitivity to specific types of learning that shape the capacity for future development are known as

11. According to researchers Darley and Latanne, bystander intervention decreases when a large number of people witness a crime. What social psychology concept could best explain this phenomenon?

12. Lisa, determined to get away from her abusive father, leaves home and moves in with an abusive boyfriend. Lisa's choice of an abusive boyfriend is most relevant to Sigmund Freud's theory of