AP Psychology Practice Test 15

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1. Aaron Beck's negative triad of beliefs, which explains the cycle of depression by examining negative thoughts about self and the world, exemplifies what type of therapy?

2. While swimming in the ocean, Ivan is frightened by a dark shadow in the water even before he has the chance to identify what the shadow is. The synaptic connections taking place during this incident of fright are best described by which of the following?

3. A listener-sponsored radio station wants to estimate the amount of money the typical supporter contributes during a fund-drive. In a sample of 30 supporters, it was discovered that 22 of them gave $60, six of them gave $1,000, and two of them gave $10,000. Based on this sample, which of the following measures of central tendency would provide the most useful information to the radio station?

4. When Antoinette comes home to her apartment, people suddenly jump out towards her. Her heart begins to race and she shrieks. Once she recognizes that it is her friends throwing a surprise party, rather than ninjas, her heart continues to race, but she experiences happiness. Which theory of emotions best explains this fact?

5. The instrument that has traditionally been used in sleep research to assess activity in the brain is called the

6. Curtis stares at an image of a yellow star for a full minute. When he moves his gaze to a blank piece of white paper, he is likely to see an afterimage that is

7. The obsessive fear of being in places or situations from which escape might be difficult is known as

8. When a person experiences a discrepancy between an attitude and a behavior, the person experiences

9. People who have previously not gotten along are often able to put aside their differences in the face of a mutual crisis. Their need to work together is often referred to as a(n)

10. Which of the following accomplishments accurately reflects why Wilhelm Wundt is sometimes referred to as the "father of psychology?"

11. Although they disagreed with his personal infidelities, many Americans supported President Bill Clinton's position and policy decisions during his term in office. This dichotomy of opinion demonstrates a split in

12. Sanja hears a sound that she recognizes as the front door being shut. In order for her to detect the sound and process it so that she knows what it is, Sanja's ear funnels the sound waves to the inner ear in order to stimulate the cilia of the inner ear. This is a critical step in the process of