AP Psychology Practice Test 18

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Time 9 minutes

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1. Which psychological perspective was most popular at the turn of the twentieth century in Western Europe?

2. Pascale is interested in the processing strategies children use to learn new information. Pascale would best be classified as what type of psychologist?

3. Cyan has come up with a test to identify people with the potential to be great civil rights lawyers. Such a test would be classified as a(n)

Questions 4-5 refer to the following information.

Whenever Marva has a difficult day at work, she slams her car door and screams at her children as soon as she enters her house. The children now cringe whenever they hear the sound of a car door.

4. The learning process described would best be labeled

5. The fact that the children now cringe when they hear any car door slam is an example of

6. Your girlfriend dumps you. "I knew you shouldn't have gone out with her," says your best friend, who has never uttered this sentiment before. Your friend's comment best illustrates

7. A low level of glucose in Sam's bloodstream is most likely to make him want to

8. What kind of personality theorist would be most interested in the results of the MMPI?

9. Light enters the eye through an opening in the

10. In people, rods, unlike cones,

11. Which term describes the phenomenon of like-minded groups taking more extreme positions than the individuals that comprise the group?

12. Julie is more alert in the morning and her brother Jack is more alert in the afternoon. This difference stems from a difference in the siblings'