AP Psychology Practice Test 2

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1. An individual with brain lesions in the hippocampus will most likely experience impairment to her

2. A person who sustains major injuries that involve the destruction of the medulla oblongata will

3. In a crisis, the adrenal glands of the body secrete "emergency" hormones, while the body prepares for fight-or-flight, directed by

4. In the Harlow study of emotional attachment, infant monkeys were placed in a cage and given both a "wire" mother and a "cloth" mother. Researchers then moved a bottle of milk from one mother to the other while introducing various stimuli to see if the monkeys would form an attachment to either of the "mothers." In this experiment, the independent variable is

5. As an experiment, a group of newborn kittens was allowed to see through only one eye at a time. Each day one of the eyes would be covered, switching between the two eyes on subsequent days. Which of the following best describes the visual limitations experienced by these cats as adults?

Questions 6-7 refer to the following information.

A researcher wished to study the impact of classical music on memory in children. She therefore randomly selected two groups of children. One group was asked to read and later to recall lists of words while soft classical music played in the background. The second group was asked to read and recall lists of words with no background music playing.

6. The control group in this experiment is the group that

7. The dependent variable in this experiment is the

8. Students diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are four to nine times more likely to be

9. Which of the following best summarizes the psychoanalytic perspective's view of behavior?

10. Which of the following is the best example of a categorical variable?

11. Donia was soaked by an unexpected cloudburst while walking to her car from the office. The fact that she failed to realize that the newspaper she was carrying would have made a great makeshift umbrella is an example of

12. While driving to school, Elise hears about a concert ticket giveaway on the radio. She has to be the seventh caller to win. While pulling over so that she can call in, she repeats the number to herself several times. Elise was using which of the following to remember the phone number?