AP Psychology Practice Test 20

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1. Which of the following disorders responds best to cognitive behavioral therapy?

2. Which structure is found in the inner ear?

3. What type of psychologist would assert that a key motivation for people is the desire to spread their genetic material?

4. After Suzy decided to go to the prom with Dylan, Max was unconsciously furious. Max then channeled all his energies into his artwork. Which defense mechanism is Max using?

5. Which of the following graphs best represents the relationship between arousal and performance?

6. Which of the following statistics provides the most information about how spread out a distribution of scores is?

7. Because Jake, the team's starting, star center, is late to basketball practice, Coach Peterson sits him out for the first quarter of the next game. Jake is on time for the rest of the season. Coach Peterson has used

8. Some contemporary intelligence researchers like Howard Gardner and Robert Sternberg complain that schools focus too much on

9. Delusions of grandeur are most characteristic of

10. Faye believes that victims of natural disasters are foolish because they should have developed better advance detection and warning systems. Faye is manifesting the

11. Four-year-old Kate positions herself squarely in front of all the other kids to watch a magician. Piaget would attribute this to Kate's

12. Someone who is unable to encode new memories is said to suffer from