AP Psychology Practice Test 21

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1. The brainstem is comprised of the

2. The limbic system plays an important role in

3. In a number of experiments, Elizabeth Loftus has shown that the wording of a question can affect participants' recall of an incident. These studies best illustrate

4. Erikson's initiative versus guilt stage is most closely related to Freud's

5. Daniel is a toddler who lags behind his peers in terms of speech development. He avoids eye contact with people and resists alterations to routine. Daniel is most likely to be diagnosed with

6. Approximately what percent of the population scores between 70 and 130 on the WISC?

Questions 7-8 refer to the following information.

The school librarian wants to encourage children to read over the summer. Therefore, she sets up a system where students get a prize for every five books they read over the summer.

7. The librarian is using

8. The librarian is pleased to find that students report reading more books over the summer than ever before. However, the number of books borrowed from the library decreases in the fall. Psychologists would likely explain these findings with

9. In order to prove a psychological theory,

10. Lupe has been dating Craig for a few months. She's attracted to him and has fun with him, but she can't stand his friends or his family. Lupe's conflict would best be classified as

11. Ani believes that her attitudes and behavior play a central role in what happens to her. Such a belief is likely to be associated with

12. The fact that people's ears are located on opposite sides of their heads is most adaptive because it helps us