AP Psychology Practice Test 23

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1. Which part of the brain was thought to play the most important role in the Cannon-Bard theory of emotion?

2. One month before finals, Conrad makes a study schedule and begins to review his notes. Two weeks before finals, Conrad is studying for hours each day to prepare. Right after finals at the start of summer vacation, Conrad comes down with the flu. Which of the following theories best explains this chain of events?

3. Learned helplessness is most likely to be directly related to

4. Which of the following are found in Jung's collective unconscious?

5. What color are the shortest electromagnetic waves humans can see?

6. People who are able to be hypnotized easily are likely to score high on which of the following dimensions of the big five personality traits?

7. Due to brain damage, 10-year-old Genna underwent surgery to remove nearly the entire right hemisphere of her brain. Which of the following observations the day after the operation best illustrates the brain's plasticity?

8. Which of the following is the strongest piece of evidence for the idea that animals are capable of developing and using a sophisticated language?

9. Research has shown that people who read a job description written only with male pronouns (e.g., he, his) are more likely to think of an employee as male than people who read a description that uses gender-neutral language (e.g., he or she). This finding is most closely linked to

10. In the nature versus nurture debate, nature is most closely associated with

11. If the College Board neglected to put any questions that had to do with neuroscience on the AP Psychology exam one year, the test would lack