AP Psychology Practice Test 24

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Time 9 minutes

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1. Kohler's studies with apes are seen as demonstrating

2. Mr. Maji gives a test to his class of 25 students. All but three students score between 82 and 94. The other three students score 47, 55, and 62. These scores are potential

3. What area of psychology focuses on the study of subjective well-being, optimism, and happiness?

4. After taking AP Psychology and doing well in the class and on the exam, Donald goes to college. If Donald is interested in psychology and has high achievement motivation, as a first-year student, he is most likely to

5. Which of the following models of personality is the least deterministic?

6. Vance's therapist believes Vance is psychotic. From which of the following medications would he most likely believe Vance would benefit?

7. Sperling's partial report technique was designed to test the

8. Which of the following has been linked to a deficit of dopamine?

9. Runners in a park were found to pick up their pace when another runner came into view; this finding illustrates the phenomenon of

10. The Rosenhan study of mental institutions showed that

11. An American teenager's prototype of a chair is most likely to include

12. According to Kohlberg, in order to reason at the postconventional level, people must