AP Psychology Practice Test 27

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Time 9 minutes

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1. Turning up the volume on a music player changes which aspect of sound?

2. A research study establishes that most people can taste one gram of salt in one quart of water. Which of the following concepts is most closely related to the goal of this study?

3. A musician's ability to make a distinction between two very similar pitches depends on which of the following concepts?

4. Our ability to perceive depth depends primarily on what other perceptual abilities?

5. REM sleep deprivation generally causes what kinds of side effects?

6. Which two competing theories explain the effects of hypnosis?

7. What is the first step in any example of classical conditioning?

8. An "A+" course grade is which kind of reinforcer?

9. A researcher who concludes that "people who watch graphic violence in films are more likely to behave in violent ways than people who don't" is probably researching which kind of learning?

10. In the three-box information processing model, what is the first place memories are stored?

11. Memory research indicates that memories may be physically stored in the brain through strengthened connections between brain neurons. What is this process called?

12. Most mnemonic devices (like learning the notes on the staff by memorizing the sentence "Every Good Boy Does Fine" and using the first letter of each word) are examples of which memory enhancement technique?