AP Psychology Practice Test 29

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Time 9 minutes

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1. A pencil and paper personality test that places a person in one of several personality categories (such as extrovert/introvert, etc.) is based on which personality theory?

2. Which of the following was an important technique used by Abraham Maslow and the humanistic psychologists during therapy?

3. Which of the following kinds of personality theorists is the most likely to use a projective test?

4. Which of the following kinds of tests is most likely to be an achievement test?

5. The ability to solve a new computer game based on logical puzzles probably depends on which kind of intelligence?

6. Which of the following terms applies to IQ tests?

7. A person who experiences flashbacks and nightmares after being involved in a serious car accident is likely to be diagnosed with which psychological disorder?

8. What kind of symptom is common among all the somatoform disorders?

9. Psychogenic amnesia is an indication of which kind of psychological disorder?

10. People who suffer from major depression often have very low levels of which neurotransmitter?

11. In what way would a person diagnosed with schizophrenia most likely differ from a person diagnosed with a dissociative disorder?

12. What is the principal tool used in all forms of psychotherapy?