AP Psychology Practice Test 30

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Time 9 minutes

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1. Why are psychoanalysts sometimes interested in talking with a patient about dreams?

2. Which of the following kinds of therapies would most likely be used by a somatic therapist?

3. Which of the therapies listed below is no longer used to treat patients?

4. Which of the following kinds of therapists is most likely to prescribe lithium for a patient diagnosed with bipolar disorder?

5. A nonprofit environmental group includes a free gift of address labels in a letter asking for contributions. Which social psychological principle is the nonprofit group trying to use to increase contributions?

6. A math teacher refuses to look at the grades her students received in the past in math classes. The teacher is worried that looking at their past grades might influence the ways she reacts to her students. What effect is the teacher trying to avoid?

7. What kinds of factors are ignored or de-emphasized when people commit the fundamental attribution error?

8. Which social psychological principle best explains prejudice?

9. Sherif's Robbers Cave study indicated that which of the following principles best helps reduce tensions between groups?

10. Milgram's obedience study was criticized based on what ethical grounds?

11. What makes the psychoanalytic perspective different from the other psychological perspectives?

12. If a distribution of scores includes one or more outliers, which of the following measures of central tendency should be used?