AP Psychology Practice Test 35

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Time 9 minutes

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1. Who would most likely have said, "People are basically good"?

2. More than half of the volume of the human brain is composed of the

3. Joey, a 25-year-old convict, has a history of conduct disorder in elementary school and bullying in junior high. By high school, he was mugging peers and taking whatever he wanted from elderly shoppers without caring if he hurt anyone. Joey would most likely be diagnosed with

4. Your little cousin watches you at the computer, and when you get up, he immediately tries to use the keyboard. His behavior in this situation can best be explained on the basis of

5. Although Andy wanted to cut class to get to the Yankee opener, he came to class to take a quiz and review for an exam. According to Freud, this behavior evidences a strong

6. An unjustifiable and usually negative attitude toward a group and its members is called

7. Which approach emphasizes that therapists can effectively help their clients by offering unconditional positive regard?

8. Some groups of gang members wear head coverings and sunglasses when they assault people. The use of such disguises contributes to

9. Of the following, which is characteristic of formal operational thinking?

10. Which neurotransmitter is most closely associated with both Parkinson's disease and schizophrenia?

11. Today, it is unlikely that a psychologist could condition a baby to fear a rat and other small animals in a research study at a university because

12. According to Adler, firstborn children are more likely than subsequent children in a family to be