AP Psychology Practice Test 36

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1. Brenda gets enraged when people criticize her, talks about becoming the first woman president, exaggerates her abilities and talents, takes advantage of classmates, and constantly demands attention in class. When she received a certificate for participating in an essay contest, she told everyone she'd won a prestigious writing award. She most likely would be diagnosed as evidencing

2. "Psychology is the science of behavior and mental processes," commonly defines psychology. In their definition of psychology, behaviorists would be likely to eliminate

I. science

II. behavior

III. mental processes

3. According to Erikson, a young adult's developmental crisis centers around

4. The perceived volume of a tone is mainly determined by its

5. Shannon forgot her pillow when she went camping, so she complained about having to sleep with her head flat on the ground the whole night. Her failure to fold up her jeans and sweater to use as a pillow-substitute best illustrates the effects of

6. According to Abraham Maslow, esteem needs must at least be partially met before one is prompted to satisfy

7. The most widely used self-report inventory for personality assessment is the

8. Behavioral therapy typically alters the patterns of responding of clients by

9. Scott tried to unscramble the letters NEBOTYA for 20 minutes to spell a word, but was not successful. While walking to class, the answer suddenly came to him that the word was BAYONET. This exemplifies

10. A disorder characterized by delusions of persecution, hallucinations, and disordered thinking is

11. Jyoti notes the behavior of people as they wait in line for tickets to rock concerts. Which of the following research methods is she using?

12. In daylight, objects that reflect all wavelengths of light appear