AP Psychology Practice Test 37

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1. The Intelligence Quotient is defined as the

2. According to Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, the first reaction of a person faced with a terminal illness is

3. When Jared saw shadows of people on the walls of his bedroom, his blood pressure increased and his breathing rate sped up. These physical reactions were most directly regulated by his

4. Which psychoactive drugs are most frequently prescribed to relieve pain?

5. During the manic phase of a bipolar disorder, individuals are most likely to experience

6. Dan read a list of 30 vocabulary words only once. If he is typical and shows the serial position effect, we would expect that the words he remembers two days later are

7. Tony got accepted to the college he wants to attend, is going to the prom with a girl he really admires, and was hired for the summer job he sought. He has high

8. Species-specific behaviors that cannot be explained as a result of social learning or conditioning, such as Monarch butterflies flying to Mexico to mate, are called

9. Tests that have been pretested with a sample of the population for whom the test is intended and have a uniform set of instructions and administration procedures are

10. A famous character in a Shakespearean play keeps washing her hands to get them clean of blood that is no longer on them. The repeated washing of her hands is

11. After collecting and analyzing the responses of 2,000 randomly selected study participants, Adeel finds that college juniors who work at paying jobs 15 hours a week get higher grades than juniors who don't have paying jobs or who work full time. Which of the following research methods did Adeel use?

12. Which of the following best exemplifies sensory adaptation?