AP Psychology Practice Test 4

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Time 9 minutes

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1. Which of the following transduces visual images?

2. You enter a bakery and are delighted by the aroma. After a short time, however, you no longer notice the odors because of sensory

3. Carlotta is a well-adjusted, socially competent adolescent. Which of the following most likely represents her family's parenting style?

4. The semicircular canals of the inner ear are important for helping a person to maintain

5. The ability to perceive your front door as a rectangle even when it is open, displaying a different retinal image is known as

6. Stimulation of norepinephrine receptors appears to produce

7. Research using the visual cliff suggests that human infants

8. All of the following are conditions sanctioned by the APA regarding the use of deception in a study EXCEPT

9. The examination of the connection between mental states and physical states is referred to as

10. Which of the following best summarizes a view of classical behaviorism?

11. To which perspective are the roles of knowledge, information processing, and their interactions most central?

12. The study of cognitive, behavioral, and social changes across the life span are most directly studied by which of the following?