AP Psychology Practice Test 40

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Time 9 minutes

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1. The heritability for traits of a cloned population is

2. "Get cookie," best exemplifies

3. Research reveals that the most critical factor in Type A behavior associated with heart disease is

4. Dr. Scarlett conducted experiments in which she electrically stimulated parts of a cat's brain. A cat that became terrified in the presence of a mouse was most likely stimulated in the

5. Which of the following LEAST influences sexual behavior?

6. Ben thinks students will answer questions printed on yellow paper more quickly than those printed on blue paper. All study participants will take three tests with 35 multiple-choice questions each. The independent variable in Ben's experiment is

7. Which of the following best illustrates hostile aggression?

8. Cognitivists claim that classical conditioning results from

9. Which is likely to increase as a normal, healthy individual ages from 25 to 75 years of age?

10. In the rock opera Tommy, Tommy becomes deaf and blind after witnessing a terrible murder, although there is nothing organically wrong with his ears or eyes. Tommy is suffering from

11. Which of the following are included in the peripheral nervous system?

12. Loss of the ability to understand language results from loss of tissue in which of the following lobes?