AP Psychology Practice Test 41

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Time 9 minutes

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1. When a 17-year-old student is failing at school, which society would most likely hold the parents accountable?

2. Receptors that respond to gravity and keep you informed of your body's location in space are located primarily in the

3. Although Jen is a very bright four-year-old, she doesn't think her mother's sister has any sisters. This lack of understanding reflects

4. You are given four lists of words to learn: 1, 2, 3, and 4. You must learn list 1, then list 2, etc. Which list(s) would cause proactive interference for remembering list 2?

5. Dr. Ramchandran found that his patients who brushed their teeth after lunch had 1/20 the number of cavities in their teeth as those who didn't. After interviewing the dentist, a local newswriter reports that brushing teeth after lunch prevents cavities. Based on the dentist's research, which of the following statements is true?

6. Which of the following endocrine glands is NOT paired with a hormone that it produces?

7. A recent comparison of the intelligence scores of Asian Americans and African Americans on the Stanford-Binet showed that

I. the mean score for Asian Americans was higher than for African Americans

II. some African Americans scored higher than the average Asian Americans

III. some Asian Americans scored lower than the average African Americans

8. A special diet can prevent the expression of the trait for

9. Implications of Harlow's study (of baby monkeys reared by artificial mothers) for humans include which of the following?

I. Providing breast milk is the key to developing an attachment between the baby and the mother.

II. An infant can form an attachment with a nurturing father or other caretaker.

III. Lack of nursing at the breast leads to maladjustment of a child.

10. Michelle watches David Letterman on television, but doesn't recognize him when she walks past him in Manhattan. Which effect on perception does this best illustrate?

11. Emily scored at the 65th percentile on a standardized achievement test. This indicates which of the following? Her score was

12. As a result of an accident, Abdul lost sight in his right eye. To judge the distance of vehicles when he is driving, Abdul is able to rely on cues of

I. accommodation

II. relative size

III. retinal disparity