AP Psychology Practice Test 42

1. All of the following are positive symptoms of schizophrenia EXCEPT

2. Today Susan took a pill for her allergy that raised her blood pressure, caused her heart to beat faster, and raised her body temperature. Now caught in traffic, she feels angry. Yesterday, when she took the pill, she was with her husband. When her blood pressure rose, her heart speeded up, she got hotter, and she felt amorous. This description exemplifies

3. Which of the following reinforcement schedules results in maintenance of behavior that is LEAST resistant to extinction?

4. When the class listened to a list of words, half the group was directed to listen for sounds while the other half was asked to gauge the emotional impact of the words. The group that gauged the emotional impact remembered many more words. This is evidence that better retention results with attention to

5. Alpha waves are most closely associated with

6. The focus of structuralists most closely matches the current perspective of

7. The primary reason why we cannot taste sand or smell platinum is that

8. After sending a decal to display on a window and greeting cards with its logo, a charity sent the same people envelopes requesting contributions. Many people send contributions. The charity is using a technique known as

9. To act consistently with the group's behavior, Etan changed what he was doing. This illustrates

10. Which of the following approaches emphasizes the importance of people's feelings and views human nature as naturally positive and growth seeking?

11. Children are most likely to grow up more competent and responsible when they are raised by parents who behave in a manner considered

12. Rather than use a shortcut to find out various possible combinations of alleles that could result from fertilization of an egg with particular genes by a sperm with particular genes, Shakira systematically lists every single possible combination to determine the probability that the baby will show a particular set of traits. Shakira is solving the problem by use of