AP Psychology Practice Test 43

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1. Bessie could barely detect sweetness in a sip of water from a pitcher in which one quarter of a teaspoon of water was mixed into a half gallon of water. For taste, this is Bessie's

2. Extinction occurs when the conditioned stimulus

3. A doctor suspects that her patient's language processing area is in the right hemisphere. This would most likely be corroborated by the use of

4. Free association and dream interpretation frequently characterize which of the following treatments?

5. Because Al doesn't care how well he does at school but does care about having enough money to pay for a car, Al's mother gives him money for every "A" and "B" he earns on school tests and projects. For which of the following theories is the mother's behavior an exemplary application?

6. In a cartoon, an angel is perched on one shoulder and a devil is perched on the other shoulder of a character who needs to decide whether to give money to a homeless man or not. The devil says, "Don't give him anything, you'll make better use of the money than he will." The angel says, "Give him the money because he needs it more than you do." The character gives the homeless man half of his money. In a Freudian interpretation, the angel represents the character's

7. Barry reported that in his study, the relationship between religiosity and academic grades was not statistically significant. By "not statistically significant," he meant that the results

8. What is the mode of the following set of scores? 70, 70, 80, 80, 60, 60, 50, 90, 90, 90

9. The AP Psychology examination given by the College Board in May exemplifies which of the following types of tests?

10. Which of the following drugs is classified as a stimulant?

11. Which schedule of reinforcement is followed by Soledad, who answers every e-mail message her friend sends?

12. Before Justin could take an airplane flight, he needed to overcome his fear of flying. His therapist taught him relaxation exercises, which he practiced while first looking at pictures of airplanes, then seeing them take off at the airport, then going into an empty plane that would not take off, then finally taking a short flight. Which of the following treatments did he undergo?