AP Psychology Practice Test 44

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1. "Behavior is personality" best characterizes which of the following personality theories?

2. Most New Yorkers remember where they were and what they were doing when they heard that the World Trade Center was destroyed. Which of the following best identifies this type of memory?

3. Although a man watched in horror as his wife and children were killed by a speeding truck as they crossed the street, he has no memory of the event and gets upset when people tell him he must remember. The man is most likely suffering from

4. According to the Law of Effect, behaviors followed by negative consequences

5. The pastry chef ordinarily makes 15 apple turnovers in 15 minutes, but when culinary arts students are watching him, he makes 20 apple turnovers in 15 minutes. This exemplifies

6. The part of the neuron that directs synthesis of neurotransmitters and proteins is the

7. According to Erikson, those who look back at the end of their lives with regrets and the feeling that their lives have lacked fulfillment evidence unsuccessful resolution of the challenge of

8. Which of the following is the most reliable indicator of emotions across all cultures?

9. The more difference shown by the behavior of identical twins raised apart, the more the differences in their behavior can be attributed to their

10. All public institutions subscribe to all of the following ethical guidelines EXCEPT

11. Madison is a fifth grader who tries to listen to the teacher, but has difficulty focusing. She looks around the classroom while the teacher is talking and then does not know what to do when others are starting their assignments. Her symptoms are characteristic of which of the following?

12. Joan strongly believes in capital punishment. After discussing capital punishment with only other people who believe in capital punishment in a chat room, Joan is most likely to