AP Psychology Practice Test 45

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Time 9 minutes

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1. Answering multiple-choice questions is often easier than answering fill-in or completion questions, because multiple choice questions

2. A neutral stimulus that signals an unconditioned stimulus begins to produce a response that anticipates and prepares for the unconditioned stimulus during

3. According to Jean Piaget, egocentrism, animism, and trial-and-error learning are characteristic of the stage of development known as

4. Blinking, sneezing, flinching, and coughing are examples of the type of behavior called

5. Stephen is going through his second divorce. He thinks that no woman will ever love him again. His therapist points out to Stephen that his thinking is irrational and faulty. Which of the following therapies is the therapist employing?

6. Delia was accepted to both Harvard University and Yale University and is having difficulty choosing which school to attend. With which of the following conflicts is she faced?

7. EEGs that consist primarily of alpha and beta waves are characteristic of

8. A psychologist focusing on whether development occurs in stages is most interested in which of the following controversies?

9. Collective unconscious, archetypes, and individuation are personality concepts most closely associated with

10. Which of the following is a hallucination?

11. Stella remembered the order of the planets from the Sun by recalling the sentence, "My very educated mother just served us noodles." For Stella, this sentence is a

12. Which of the following is caused by a teratogen?