AP Psychology Practice Test 47

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1. According to the Gestalt organizing principles of perception, when you look at, "i n car n a t e," you tend to notice the word car rather than in, nate, at, or ate, because of

2. Which of the following is a secondary reinforcer?

3. An action potential involves the movement of

4. Dr. Bonneau helped a company redesign its offices to raise morale and the productivity of the employees. With which of the following subfields of psychology is Dr. Bonneau most likely affiliated?

5. Shafi cited Tony's and David's 100% math test scores in providing evidence that boys do better in math than girls. His failure to recognize that seven girls in the class earned 100% while only two boys earned that score best exemplifies

6. Which of the following usually increases with age in healthy adults between the ages of 18 and 70?

7. In general, the best presentation time between the conditioned stimulus and unconditioned stimulus to produce classical conditioning is

8. Which of the following is generally considered a disadvantage of longitudinal developmental research?

I. It is extremely costly

II. Members of the original study drop out over time

III. The cohort effect

9. After she used address stickers sent by a charity in the mail, Brittany felt obligated to mail a donation to the organization that sent the stickers. Brittany's behavior illustrates

10. Which best represents the path of an impulse over a reflex arc?

11. "Mommy gived me a cookie" best illustrates a basic understanding of

12. Which of the following disorders is most likely related to the amount of light to which a susceptible person is exposed?