AP Psychology Practice Test 48

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1. Mr. Gordon suffered damage to the back of his right frontal lobe. As a result, he is unable to

2. A comprehensive final examination in AP Psychology that consists of questions dealing solely with motivation and emotion, social psychology, and the biological basis of behavior units lacks

3. In a team tug of war, Ty did not pull as hard as he would have if he were pulling alone against one competitor. His behavior exemplifies

4. Functionalists such as William James were mainly interested in

5. Mayella believes that getting a good grade on an AP exam is a matter of luck. She most likely has

6. Which of the following is NOT an anxiety disorder?

7. Which of the following is not considered a primary facial expression?

8. The most common form of Down syndrome results during sex cell formation and fertilization from

9. In time-out, a disruptive child who wants to stay with his or her class is removed from the classroom. This exemplifies

10. According to activation-synthesis theory,

11. According to the opponent process theory of emotions,

12. After dealing kindly with several customers who acted very rudely toward her, the clerk was impatient with her next customer. The tendency of that customer to think that the clerk is a very impatient person rather than just having a bad day exemplifies