AP Psychology Practice Test 49

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1. Abnormal behavior can be defined as maladaptive behavior according to

2. Use of brainstorming to solve a problem best encourages which of the following?

3. According to trait theorists, such as Hans Eysenck, the basis for personality is

4. In response to a column printed in newspapers throughout the United States, an advice columnist received over 28,000 responses. Over 75% of respondents said that if they had it to do over again, they would not have children. The columnist concludes that most parents are sorry that they had children. For which of the following reasons is her conclusion not valid?

5. According to social learning theory, gender identity results primarily from

6. Aisha is a beautiful, black teenager. If she is typical, she most likely believes that

7. The position on the basilar membrane at which waves reach their peak depends on the frequency of a tone, according to which theory?

8. Lev Vygotsky's approach to the study of cognitive development was

9. The left cerebral hemisphere is specialized for which of the following functions?

10. The contingency model explains classical conditioning from which of the following perspectives?

11. All people have essentially the same set of traits, differing only in terms of the extent to which they show each trait, according to which of the following personality theories?

12. After Tamika complained to her mother about how little she has, Tamika and her mother went to a soup kitchen to volunteer to serve dinner to the homeless. After serving 120 dinners, Tamika told her mother how happy she is that they can afford to buy delicious foods she loves. Tamika's increased perception that she is happy is best explained by applying which of the following theories?