AP Psychology Practice Test 50

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Time 9 minutes

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1. Standardized tests are

2. The most common somatic nervous system neurotransmitter to cause muscle contractions is

3. The rooting reflex is characterized by neonates

4. Which coefficient indicates the strongest correlation?

5. According to gate-control theory, which condition tends to close the gate?

6. People generally send higher contributions to charities when check-off boxes on the response card the charity sends to donors suggest $25, $35, $50, other; rather than $10, $15, $25, other. This illustrates the

7. Mechanical energy is transduced to electrochemical energy by

8. Which of the following is not a basic somatosensation?

9. All of the following are characteristic of physiological arousal EXCEPT

10. Nearsightedness results from

11. Of the following theories, the presence of Hilgard's "hidden observer" best supports

12. Although many studies regarding the effects of a particular herb on memory have been conducted, results of any one study have been inconclusive. An overall conclusion might be reached by performing