AP Psychology Multiple-Choice Practice Test 52

1. Which of the following nervous systems work in opposition to each other?

2. The unit of structure and function of the human nervous system is the

3. Hormones most closely associated with stress are produced by the

4. The part of the brain most closely associated with regulation of hunger, thirst, and body temperature is the

5. As a result of injury to her brain, Starla no longer can understand what people say to her, although she hears them. The region of the cerebral cortex most likely injured is her

6. Communication within a single neuron is said to be __________; whereas the communication between two or more neurons is said to be __________.

7. The depolarization of a neural membrane can result in a(n)

8. Chemical energy is transduced to the electrochemical energy of neural impulses at the

9. Damage to the hammer, anvil, and stirrup can result in

10. Although Hannah could barely hear the person whispering on Maya's other side, Maya couldn't hear him at all. For hearing, compared to Maya, Hannah has a

11. If you stand on one foot and close your eyes, which of the following senses prevents you from falling?

12. Which depth cue best explains that we are able to perceive a tall building to be in front of hills about a mile away?