AP Psychology Multiple-Choice Practice Test 53

1. A psychophysicist would be most concerned with the relationship between physical characteristics of stimuli and

2. Gate-control theory suggests that large fiber activity in the spinal cord can

3. Alpha and beta waves are characteristic of

4. Monitoring by a hidden observer provides evidence for which theory of hypnosis?

5. Which of the following are stimulants?

6. Because of her demanding work schedule, Blanche has not been able to sleep for 48 hours. She will most likely experience

7. Which of the following is the result of learning?

8. In classical conditioning, between what two factors is a new association formed?

9. Although the pigeon was trained to peck at a yellow light, it pecks at green, red, and orange lights, too. This behavior indicates the pecking behavior has been

10. When alarms on timers started going off in the back of the classroom, students were distracted, but the teacher continued lecturing. As more alarms went off, one student got up, and the teacher nodded. The student walked toward the back of the room, and the teacher nodded. The student turned the alarms off, and the teacher thanked him. What operant conditioning process does this best illustrate?

11. After Tom's parents told him not to take his father's car to the movies, he did anyway. As a result, his parents took away Tom's car keys and told him he was not permitted to drive for a month. Taking away the car keys and not letting Tom drive for a month exemplifies

12. JoBeth watched her mother cook dinner, then went to her room, made believe she was cooking the same dinner, and served it to her stuffed toys. JoBeth learned to cook like her mother by