AP Psychology Multiple-Choice Practice Test 54

1. Richard is generally a happy person and smiles frequently. However, he has a hard time smiling and is more likely to frown while watching his sister frown. Recent research tends to support the theory that Richard's reaction to his sister's emotion may be due to

2. The greatest degree of resistance to extinction is typically found in which type of reinforcement schedule?

3. In describing a ball that is both red and big, we say, "Big red ball," rather than, "Red big ball," in the English language. Such a rule about word order is a specific rule of

4. Ralph thinks senior citizens are the ones who back up traffic on parkway entrance ramps because senior citizens are hesitant drivers. Every time he sees lots of cars waiting to enter the parkway, he looks to see who is driving the front car. If a senior citizen is in the driver's seat, he points it out to passengers in his car. Ralph is evidencing

5. Jho remembers which wavelengths of light are shorter than others by recalling ROYGBIV. ROYGBIV is an example of

6. Knowing how to ride a bicycle is stored in which of our memory subsystems?

7. Rather than taking the time to check the dictionary, Vinny used "i before e, except after c" to decide the spelling of "niether" (sic). To solve his spelling problem, Vinny applied

8. After hearing this list of words, "Night, snore, bed, tired, pillow, dark, yawn, blanket, toss, turn," subjects were asked to write the words they heard. They frequently included the word sleep. This illustrates

9. When Sally moved to a new city, she didn't know where to find the spices she needed in the unfamiliar supermarket. As a result, Sally walked up and down each aisle until she located the spices in the same aisle as the baking supplies. The strategy Sally used to solve her problem best illustrates

10. A phoneme is

11. According to the drive reduction theory, the aim of drive reduction is

12. After Madison got home from the buffet (at which she stuffed herself), she went to the bathroom and made herself throw up. She does this every time she binges on food. She thinks about food a lot, craves chocolate, and would be considered of average weight. Madison is most likely suffering from