AP Psychology Multiple-Choice Practice Test 56

1. A marriage counselor can estimate a couple's marital satisfaction by the

2. Freud's personality construct that contains psychic energy to power all personality systems and is guided by the pleasure principle is the

3. After Rowena's boyfriend broke up with her, Rowena had a hot fudge sundae with four scoops of ice cream and whipped cream on top. Which defense mechanism does this exemplify?

4. Aurora enjoys playing with her young nieces and nephews because they always laugh and tell her how much fun she is. So Aurora goes out of her way to visit them. Her behavior is best explained by

5. Rolf is very reserved, is inner-directed, would rather be alone than with lots of people, rarely displays emotions, and is level-headed in an emergency. On Hans Eysenck's dimensions of personality, Rolf would be

6. Social?cognitive theorists would disagree with which of the following statements?

7. The statement, "A musician must make music; an artist must paint; a poet must write if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself," was most likely said by

8. When two-year old Tyler loses his toy, he throws a temper tantrum and stomps his feet on the floor. According to Freud, the boy's tantrum is evidence that Tyler could not resist the demands of his

9. The Rorschach inkblot test is

10. In a normal distribution

11. Peter Salovey and John Mayer's concept of emotional intelligence is most similar to which of Howard Gardner's intelligences?

12. All good achievement tests should have

I. content validity

II. predictive validity

III. reliability

13. All polar bears appear to have a white coat at birth. In warmer climates about 25 percent appear to have yellow or green coats as they age because of algae growing on them. The heritability of the white coat phenotype is