AP Psychology Multiple-Choice Practice Test 58

1. Clients who drink too much alcohol are sometimes treated with a drug that causes nausea if the client consumes alcohol. This type of therapy is known as

2. Light therapy, consisting of exposure to bright light in the morning, has been successful in relieving symptoms of

3. Prozac, Zoloft, and Paxil help elevate mood by

4. Which of the following would not occur in Aaron Beck's therapy for depression?

5. A college professor asked a biology teacher to let a college student observe her teaching for one period. After the student observed the teacher, the professor asked the teacher to accept the student as a student teacher for 10 weeks. She agreed. The strategy the professor used to get the teacher to agree is called

6. As part of each lab, Ms. Geraci requires her students to wash their glassware so it is clean for the next class. She has found that the glassware is cleaner when students wash it in full view of their classmates. This is best explained by

7. In Heartsaver AED training, the American Heart Association teaches rescuers to direct specific people standing around the victim to do specific jobs, such as calling 911. Directing specific people to perform these jobs prevents

8. According to group polarization studies, after Mary and Marie (who are strongly in favor of the death penalty) discuss the issue with Lisa and Liza (who are strongly opposed to the death penalty), it is likely that

9. The field of psychology that examines how the behavior and subjective experiences of individuals are influenced by other people is

10. According to evolutionary psychologists, in making a decision to help in life-or-death situations, most people will choose to help

11. When their waitress spills a drink and forgets to bring their salads, James and Kim assume she is a bad waitress, instead of entertaining the possibility that she may be having an off day. James and Kim are most likely committing

12. The distinction between prejudice and discrimination is that prejudice is __________ and discrimination is __________.

13. Solomon Asch's well-known experiment in which subjects were asked to identify similar lines, after confederates responded incorrectly, supported the theory of