AP Psychology Practice Test 6

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1. People who struggle with depression often have trouble sleeping in part because of

2. An emergency room employs four nurses. Sometimes, all four are working. Other times, only two are working. Regardless of how many nurses are working, it always takes about two hours for them to prepare an emergency room for the day. Which concept best accounts for this fact?

3. Through reinforcement, pigeons are taught to peck at paintings by a particular artist. The fact that pigeons do not peck at the paintings of other artists represents

4. While browsing in a bookstore, Vhamala is drawn to a particular book title. After a moment, she realizes that this book is one that a friend had been talking about at lunch the other day. The fact that Vhamala remembers that the book was mentioned at a recent lunch is an example of which of the following types of memory?

5. The process of converting physical energy from the environment into neural impulses is known as

6. An experiment that presents participants with a stimulus and then, at a later interval, presents them with incomplete perceptual information related to the initial stimulus to see if they recognize the incomplete information more quickly is most likely studying the effects of

7. Alfred Binet was primarily concerned with

8. Hunter, a high school senior, excels at music, art, reading, problem-solving, and soccer. Which of these strengths most clearly demonstrates his fluid intelligence?

9. In psychoanalytic theory, which of the following statements most accurately explains the purpose of repression?

10. If genetic factors play an important role in the development of intelligence as measured by an IQ test, then which of the following statements is most likely to be true?

11. Negative symptoms of schizophrenia include which of the following?

12. A major contribution of Howard Gardner's theory of intelligence is that it