AP Statistics Practice Test 13

1. A set of test scores has the following 5-number summary:

Which statement about outliers must be true?


The table above shows the regression output for predicting the number of calories from the number of milligrams of sodium for items at a fast-food chain. What percent of the variation in calories is explained by the regression model using sodium as a predictor?

3. A drug company will conduct a randomized controlled study on the effectiveness of a new heart disease medication called Heartaid. Heartaid is more expensive than the currently used medication. The analysis will include a significance test with H0: Heartaid and the current medication are equally effective at preventing heart disease and HA: Heartaid is more effective than the current medication at preventing heart disease. Which of these would be a potential consequence of a Type II error?

4. Researchers in the Southwest are studying tortoises-a species of animal that is affected by habitat loss due to human development of the desert. A total of 78 tortoises are being studied by researchers at several sites. The data on gender and species of all these tortoises is organized in the table shown below.

If a tortoise from this study is to be selected at random, let A = the tortoise is femaleand B = the tortoise is a Morafka. Which of the following appropriately interprets the value of P(B|A)?

5. The main purpose of blocking in an experiment is to:

6. The midterm scores for a statistics course were approximately normally distributed with a mean of 52 points and a standard deviation of 4 points. The final exam scores were approximately normally distributed with a mean of 112 points and a standard deviation of 10 points. One student had a score of 58 points on the midterm. If she had the same standardized score (z-score) on the final exam, what must her score have been?

7. Which of the following is notan advantage of stratified random sampling over simple random sampling?

8. The correlation between height in inches and weight in pounds for a particular class is 0.65. If the heights are converted from inches to centimeters, what will the correlation be? (1 in. = 2.54 cm)


Breakfast cereals have a wide range of sugar content. Some cereals contain High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) as a source of sugar and some do not. The boxplots above show the total sugar content of different types of cereal for those containing HFCS and for those that do not. Which statement is true based on the boxplots?

10. Semir rolls a six-sided die every morning to determine what he will have for breakfast. If he rolls a 1 or 2, he takes time to cook himself a big breakfast. If he rolls a 3 or larger he grabs a quick lighter breakfast. When he cooks himself a big breakfast, there is a 15% chance he will be late for school. If he has a lighter breakfast, there is a 6% chance he will be late for school. What is the probability Semir will be on time for school any given day?