AP Statistics Practice Test 18

1. The table below shows the daily high temperatures for the month of October for two cities in different regions of the country.

Which of the following statements is true?

2. Biologists around the world have increased efforts at conservation. Monitoring wildlife populations is important so that appropriate management efforts can be implemented, but such monitoring is often difficult. One study found a cheap and easy way to estimate the number of nesting sites of terns (a type of seabird) by monitoring the number of calls heard per minute. More calls happen when there are more birds, as one would expect. In fact, it turned out that the number of calls explained 71% of the variation in the abundance of nests between breeding sites. Which of the following statements is correct about the correlation between the number of calls and the abundance of nests?

3. A woman who works for a department store wants to sue the company for discrimination based on gender. Her reasoning is that women seem less likely to get promoted than men. She presented this table showing the employees eligible for promotion divided by both gender and whether they were promoted or not. Does the table provide some evidence to support her claim?


4. Students in a statistics class, as part of an activity, measured the length of their hair in inches. Summary statistics are shown below.

Which of the following statements is true?


The scatterplot above shows data points and the regression line for predicting yfrom x. Which statement is true about the effect of removing point Aor Bon the regression model?

6. Which of these statements correctly explains bias?

7. After graduation, you have the opportunity to open a local pizza restaurant. But to cover all your expenses as well as pay yourself a salary, you need an average revenue of about $9,000 per month. Anything less and you risk losing your business. You take a random sample of 30 different pizza restaurants similar to the one you hope to open and get data on their monthly sales. For the hypotheses

Ho: μ= $9,000 Ha: μ> $9,000

describe a Type I error and its consequence.

8. A particular crop of one variety of onion has weights that are approximately normally distributed with mean 9.8 oz. and standard deviation 2.1 oz. How does an onion in the 28th percentile for weight compare to the mean?

9. A pharmaceutical company wants to test a new cholesterol-reducing drug against the previous drug. It does not anticipate much association between cholesterol level and gender, but it does anticipate an association between cholesterol level and the amount of exercise a person gets. For a randomized block design, it should:

10. A high school sent a survey to a randomly selected sample of 75 of last year's graduating class. 27 of those selected did not return the survey. The best plan of action would be to: