AP Statistics Multiple-Choice Practice Test 22

1. A nursery owner claims that a recent drought stunted the growth of 22% of all her evergreens. A botanist tests this claim by examining an SRS of 1100 evergreens and finds that 268 trees in the sample show signs of stunted growth. With H0: p = 0.22 and Ha: p ≠ 0.22, what is the value of the test statistic?

2. A medical research team tests for tumor reduction in a sample of patients using three different dosages of an experimental cancer drug. Which of the following is true?

3. The graph below shows cumulative proportion plotted against age for a population.

The median is approximately what age?

4. Mr. Bee's statistics class had a standard deviation of 11.2 on a standardized test, while Mr. Em's class had a standard deviation of 5.6 on the same test. Which of the following is the most reasonable conclusion concerning the two classes' performance on the test?

5. A college admissions officer is interested in comparing the SAT math scores of high school applicants who have and have not taken AP Statistics. She randomly pulls the files of five applicants who took AP Statistics and five applicants who did not, and proceeds to run a t-test to compare the mean SAT math scores of the two groups. Which of the following is a necessary assumption?

6. The appraised values of houses in a city have a mean of $125,000 with a standard deviation of $23,000. Because of a new teachers' contract, the school district needs an extra 10% in funds compared to the previous year. To raise this additional money, the city instructs the assessment office to raise all appraised house values by $5,000. What will be the new standard deviation of the appraised values of houses in the city?

7. A psychologist hypothesizes that scores on an aptitude test are normally distributed with a mean of 70 and a standard deviation of 10. In a random sample of size 100, scores are distributed as in the table below. What is the χ2 statistic for a goodness-of-fit test?

8. A talk show host recently reported that in response to his on-air question, 82% of the more than 2500 e-mail messages received through his publicized address supported the death penalty for anyone convicted of selling drugs to children. What does this show?

9. Define a new measurement as the difference between the 60th and 40th percentile scores in a population. This measurement will give information concerning

10. Suppose X and Y are random variables with E(X) = 37, var(X) = 5, E(Y) = 62, and var(Y) = 12. What are the expected value and variance of the random variable X + Y?