AP Statistics Multiple-Choice Practice Test 30

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1. A soft drink dispenser can be adjusted to deliver any fixed number of ounces. If the machine is operating with a standard deviation in delivery equal to 0.3 ounce, what should be the mean setting so that a 12-ounce cup will overflow less than 1% of the time? Assume a normal distribution for ounces delivered.

2. An insurance company wishes to study the number of years drivers in a large city go between automobile accidents. They plan to obtain and analyze the data from a sample of drivers. Which of the following is a true statement?

3. The probability that a person will show a certain gene-transmitted trait is 0.8 if the father shows the trait and 0.06 if the father doesn't show the trait. Suppose that the children in a certain community come from families in 25% of which the father shows the trait. Given that a child shows the trait, what is the probability that her father shows the trait?

4. Given an experiment with H0 : μ = 10, Ha : μ > 10, and a possible correct value of 11, which of the following increases as n increases?

I.The probability of a Type I error.

II.The probability of a Type II error.

III.The power of the test.

5. If all the values of a data set are the same, all of the following must equal zero except for which one?

6. To determine the average number of minutes it takes to manufacture one unit of a new product, an assembly line manager tracks a random sample of 15 units and records the number of minutes it takes to make each unit. The assembly times are assumed to have a normal distribution. If the mean and standard deviation of the sample are 3.92 and 0.45 minutes respectively, which of the following gives a 90% confidence interval for the mean assembly time, in minutes, for units of the new product?

7. A company has 1000 employees evenly distributed throughout five assembly plants. A sample of 30 employees is to be chosen as follows. Each of the five managers will be asked to place the 200 time cards of their respective employees in a bag, shake them up, and randomly draw out six names. The six names from each plant will be put together to make up the sample. Will this method result in a simple random sample of the 1000 employees?

8. Given that P(E) = 0.32, P(F) = 0.15, and P(EF) = 0.048, which of the following is a correct conclusion?

9. The number of leasable square feet of office space available in a city on any given day has a normal distribution with mean 640,000 square feet and standard deviation 18,000 square feet. What is the interquartile range for this distribution?

10. Consider the following back-to-back stemplot:

Which of the following is a correct statement?