AP Statistics Multiple-Choice Practice Test 31

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Time 23 minutes

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1. Which of the following is a correct statement?

2. The binomial distribution is an appropriate model for which of the following?

3. Suppose two events, E and F, have nonzero probabilities p and q, respectively. Which of the following is impossible?

4. An inspection procedure at a manufacturing plant involves picking four items at random and accepting the whole lot if at least three of the four items are in perfect condition. If in reality 90% of the whole lot are perfect, what is the probability that the lot will be accepted?

5. A town has one high school, which buses students from urban, suburban, and rural communities. Which of the following samples is recommended in studying attitudes toward tracking of students in honors, regular, and below-grade classes?

6. Suppose there is a correlation of r = 0.9 between number of hours per day students study and GPAs. Which of the following is a reasonable conclusion?

7. To determine the average number of children living in single-family homes, a researcher picks a simple random sample of 50 such homes. However, even after one follow-up visit the interviewer is unable to make contact with anyone in 8 of these homes. Concerned about nonresponse bias, the researcher picks another simple random sample and instructs the interviewer to keep trying until contact is made with someone in a total of 50 homes. The average number of children is determined to be 1.73. Is this estimate probably too low or too high?

8. The graph below shows cumulative proportions plotted against land values (in dollars per acre) for farms on sale in a rural community.

What is the median land value?

9. An experiment is to be conducted to determine whether taking fish oil capsules or garlic capsules has more of an effect on cholesterol levels. In past studies it was noted that daily exercise intensity (low, moderate, high) is associated with cholesterol level, but average sleep length (< 5, 5 - 8, > 8 hours) is not associated with cholesterol level. This experiment should be done

10. A confidence interval estimate is determined from the monthly grocery expenditures in a random sample of n families. Which of the following will result in a smaller margin of error?

I.A smaller confidence level

II.A smaller sample standard deviation

III.A smaller sample size