AP Statistics Multiple-Choice Practice Questions: Planning and Conducting Surveys 2

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1. School uniforms are being adopted by U.S. public schools in increasing numbers. Two possible wordings for a question on whether or not students should have to wear school uniforms are as follows:

I.Many educators believe in creating a level playing field to reduce socioeconomic disparities. Do you believe that students should have to wear school uniforms?

II.Many sociologists believe that students have a right to express their individuality. Do you believe that students should have to wear school uniforms?

One of these questions showed that 18% of the population favors school uniforms, while the other question showed that 23% of the population favors school uniforms. Which question probably produced which result and why?

2. In a study of successes and failures in adopting Common Core standards, a random sample of high school principals will be selected from each of the 50 states. Selected individuals will be asked a series of evaluative questions. Why is stratification used here?

3. In order to minimize response bias, which of these design elements is most important?

4. The number of surveys being conducted over the Internet has been increasing dramatically. Which of the following is NOT true about such surveys?

5. To find out the average occupancy size of student-rented apartments, a researcher picks a simple random sample of 100 such apartments. Even after one follow-up visit, the interviewer is unable to make contact with anyone in 27 of these apartments. Concerned about nonresponse bias, the researcher chooses another simple random sample and instructs the interviewer to continue this procedure until contact is made with someone in a total of 100 apartments. The average occupancy size in the final 100-apartment sample is 2.78. Is this estimate probably too low or too high?

6. A researcher planning a survey of heads of households in a particular state has census lists for each of the 23 counties in that state. The procedure will be to obtain a random sample of heads of households from each of the counties rather than grouping all the census lists together and obtaining a sample from the entire group. Which of the following is an incorrect statement about the resulting stratified sample?

7. To survey the opinions of bleacher fans at Wrigley Field, a surveyor plans to select every one-hundredth fan entering the bleachers one afternoon. Will this result in a simple random sample of Cub fans who sit in the bleachers?

8. A researcher plans a study to examine the depth of belief in God among the adult population. He obtains a simple random sample of 100 adults as they leave church one Sunday morning. All but one of them agree to participate in the survey. Which of the following is a true statement?