AP Statistics Multiple-Choice Practice Questions: Confidence Intervals 1

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1. Changing from a 95% confidence interval estimate for a population proportion to a 99% confidence interval estimate, with all other things being equal,

2. In general, how does doubling the sample size change the confidence interval size?

3. A confidence interval estimate is determined from the GPAs of a simple random sample of n students. All other things being equal, which of the following will result in a smaller margin of error?

4. A survey was conducted to determine the percentage of high school students who planned to go to college. The results were stated as 82% with a margin of error of ±5%. What is meant by ±5%?

5. Most recent tests and calculations estimate at the 95% confidence level that the maternal ancestor to all living humans called mitochondrial Eve lived 273,000 ±177,000 years ago. What is meant by "95% confidence" in this context?

6. One month the actual unemployment rate in France was 13.4%. If during that month you took an SRS of 100 Frenchmen and constructed a confidence interval estimate of the unemployment rate, which of the following would have been true?

7. In a recent Zogby International survey, 11% of 10,000 Americans under 50 said they would be willing to implant a device in their brain to be connected to the Internet if it could be done safely. What is the margin of error at the 99% confidence level?

8. The margin of error in a confidence interval estimate using z-scores covers which of the following?

9. In an SRS of 50 teenagers, two-thirds said they would rather text a friend than call. What is the 98% confidence interval for the proportion of teens who would rather text than call a friend?

10. In a survey funded by Burroughs-Welcome, 750 of 1000 adult Americans said they didn't believe they could come down with a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Construct a 95% confidence interval estimate of the proportion of adult Americans who don't believe they can contract an STD.

11. A 1993 Los Angeles Times poll of 1703 adults revealed that only 17% thought the media was doing a "very good" job. With what degree of confidence can the newspaper say that 17% ± 2% of adults believe the media is doing a "very good" job?

12. A politician wants to know what percentage of the voters support her position on the issue of forced busing for integration. What size voter sample should be obtained to determine with 90% confidence the support level to within 4%?