AP Statistics Multiple-Choice Practice Questions: Tests of Significance-Chi-Square and Slope of Least Squares Line

1. A random sample of mice is obtained, and each mouse is timed as it moves through a maze to a reward treat at the end. After several days of training, each mouse is timed again. The data should be analyzed using

2. To test the claim that dogs bite more or less depending upon the phase of the moon, a university hospital counts admissions for dog bites and classifies with moon phase.

Which of the following is the proper conclusion?

3. For a project, a student randomly picks 100 fellow AP Statistics students to survey on whether each has either a PC or Apple at home (all students in the school have a home computer) and what score (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) each expects to receive on the AP exam. A chi-square test of independence results in a test statistic of 8. How many degrees of freedom are there?

4. A random sample of 100 former student-athletes are picked from each of the 16 colleges that are members of the Big East conference. Students are surveyed about whether or not they feel they received a quality education while participating in varsity athletics. A 2 × 16 table of counts is generated. Which of the following is the most appropriate test to determine whether there is a difference among these schools as to the student-athlete perception of having received a quality education.

5. According to theory, blood types in the general population occur in the following proportions: 46% O, 40% A, 10% B, and 4% AB. Anthropologists come upon a previously unknown civilization living on a remote island. A random sampling of blood types yields the following counts: 77 O, 85 A, 23 B, and 15 AB. Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that the distribution of blood types found among the island population differs from that which occurs in the general population?

6. Is there a relationship between education level and sports interest? A study cross-classified 1500 randomly selected adults in three categories of education level (not a high school graduate, high school graduate, and college graduate) and five categories of major sports interest (baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and tennis). The χ2-value is 13.95. Is there evidence of a relationship between education level and sports interest?

7. A disc jockey wants to determine whether middle school students and high school students have similar music tastes. Independent random samples are taken from each group, and each person is asked whether he/she prefers hip-hop, pop, or alternative. A chi-square test of homogeneity of proportions is performed, and the resulting P-value is below 0.05. Which of the following is a proper conclusion?

8. A geneticist claims that four species of fruit flies should appear in the ratio 1:3:3:9. Suppose that a sample of 2000 flies contained 110, 345, 360, and 1185 flies of each species, respectively. Is there sufficient evidence to reject the geneticist's claim?

9. A food biologist surveys people at an ice cream parlor, noting their taste preferences and cross-classifying against the presence or absence of a particular marker in a saliva swab test.

Is there sufficient evidence of a relationship between taste preference and the marker presence?

10. Random samples of 25 students are chosen from each high school class level, students are asked whether or not they are satisfied with the school cafeteria food, and the results are summarized in the following table:

Is there sufficient evidence of a difference in cafeteria food satisfaction among the class levels?

11. Can dress size be predicted from a woman's height? In a random sample of 20 female high school students, dress size versus height (cm) gives the following regression results:

Is there statistical evidence of a linear relationship between dress size and height?

12. To study the relationship between calories (kcal) and fat (g) in pizza, slices of 14 randomly selected major brand pizzas are chemically analyzed. Computer printout for regression:

What is measured by S = 1.27515?

13. A 95% confidence interval for the slope of a regression line is calculated to be (-0.783, 0.457). Which of the following must be true?

14. Can Points Per Game (PPG) be predicted based on players' salaries? For the Chicago Bulls 2015-2016 season, a linear association study yields the following computer output:

Which of the following is an appropriate test statistic for testing the null hypothesis that the slope of the regression line is greater than 0? (Assume all conditions for inference are met.)