AP United States Government and Politics Practice Test 15

1. When the Founders met in 1787 to write the Constitution, their primary objective was to

2. Which of the following best articulates the doctrine of original intent?

3. Which of the following is a significant difference between the Senate and the House of Representatives?

4. Appointments to which of the following positions must be confirmed by the Senate before taking effect?

I. Director of Homeland Security

II. Secretary of the Treasury

III. National Security Advisor

IV. U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations

5. Which of the following CANNOT limit the influence of the federal courts?

6. Which of the following is true of the House Committee on Ways and Means?

7. Of the following interest groups, which has created the largest number of political action committees (PACs) since the 1970s?

8. Which of the following is NOT true of executive orders?

9. All of the following are core values of American political culture EXCEPT

10. Why do political scientists identify the presidential elections of Franklin Roosevelt in 1932 and Richard Nixon in 1968 as well as the midterm election of 1994 as "critical elections"?


Which of the following conclusions can be drawn from the data above?

12. Which of the following accurately describes individual entitlements?