AP United States Government and Politics Practice Test 2

1. Voters who rely exclusively on television network news coverage of national elections are most likely to be aware of

2. While best known for protecting freedom of speech and religion, the First Amendment also protects Americans' right to

3. Two related cases that focused on the right to privacy for all American citizens were

4. Of the following, American federalism is most clearly exemplified by the

5. All of the following are specifically mentioned in the Constitution EXCEPT

6. Which of the following correctly states the relationship between the federal and state judiciaries?

7. The line-item veto was found unconstitutional because

8. Among the executive branch's checks on the legislative branch is the president's power to

9. The amount of access cabinet secretaries have to the president is most likely to be controlled by the

10. Which of the following presidential powers is shared with the Senate?

11. Republican candidates for president who tend to be more successful in the primaries tend to be more conservative than rank-and-file Republicans because

12. What is the primary reason that the committees in the House of Representatives are more influential than they are in the Senate?