AP United States Government and Politics Practice Test 25

1. The commerce clause of the Constitution has been viewed as a way for

2. Since the 2000s the manner in which legislation passed each house of Congress suggests that

3. All of the following reflect devolution of federal power EXCEPT

4. Since 1960, which of the following is the most significant factor in determining which candidate receives the party's nomination for president?

5. All of the following are reasons for lower voter turnout in congressional elections compared to presidential elections EXCEPT

6. The Speaker of the House of Representatives has the primary role of

7. All of the following choices are accurate statements about the nature of bureaucracies EXCEPT

8. Which statement is most true of the media's coverage of presidential campaigns?

9. Which of the following statements describes voting trends in recent presidential elections?

10. Which of the following statements is a major reason for the increased use of public opinion polls by the media?

11. The Federal Reserve Board has grown in importance because it

12. All of the following are characteristics of the media-driven presidential campaign EXCEPT